CareConnext® is a technology platform that helps hospitals to integrate electronic health record (EHR) systems that are critical to the healthcare reform and improvement of quality and cost of care. Medicare/Medicaid launched EHR program that offers financial incentives to hospitals that meet program requirements and penalizes those that do not. CareConnext® enables the hospitals to qualify for EHR program 4 times faster and at a fraction of a cost than any alternative.

CareConnext® Migration Software and Services


CareConnext® Platform License is fixed priced per auxiliary system or per EMR - Software license integration engine so there are no system migration cost overruns. This platform exports all patient reports from an old EMR in pdf format to a storage location with easily readable identifiers for file names. Without this file naming convention, the new EMR is responsible for picking up the patient records from the storage location. Many HFS, EMR, EHR, PAC and Radiology systems were built on proprietary technology. Our expert technical staff specialize in extracting and converting data between major EMRs or archive records to the CareConnext® Records Viewer. Both Summarized Data such as Medical records and Discrete data such as Financial Records associated with the Master Patient Index are captured. Technical services are included with the software license.

CareConnext® Records Viewer


The HIPAA compliant CareConnext® Records Viewer is a simple but powerful Medical Records Management System for archiving records from old legacy healthcare systems that are no longer in production but need to be maintained to access records from time to time. The CareConnext® Records Viewer runs on VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V virtual servers in the healthcare organization's data center so once the records are archived they can easily be moved to new servers or storage of the IT staffs choice as the data center is upgraded. No longer does the IT staff have to worry about losing records and running into a HIPAA or Medicare compliance issue because of a hard drive failure. Records can be easily found with the search features, HIPAA compliant audit reports are built-in and user access rights can be provided through Microsoft Active

CareConnext® DataSequre® ATD™


DataSequre® ATD ™ Audit Trail Database Option - Fully compliant audit database detailing and providing migration audit reports for QA weekly. This reduces Hospital QA involvement by 70%.

CareConnext® Odem™


CareConnext® Odem™ (On-Demand Option) - This option allows for the current EMR to send requests to the old EMR in a virtualized environment for records. The old EMR will then send the records immediately to the new EMR patient folder in PDF format. It can utilize current hospital interfaces or we can provide our own.

CareConnext® Revv™


CareConnext® Revv™ Off-Site CPU Processing / Data Stream. Per 16 GHZ 200GB RAM - This option is highly recommended. This option is necessary when migration timelines need to be less than 4 months. The data is migrated in a hybrid manner utilizing off-site HIPAA compliant High availability mainframes.

CareConnext® Exp™


CareConnext® Exp™ Vendor Specific Expert Consultants (Systems Expert) - This option is necessary if the facility has limited resources and/or if the facility would prefer the vendor to do all discovery, querying, and best practices independently with minimal to no facility involvement.

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