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First Soft Solutions thought to help public and private sector leaders solve business problems related to individual identity management. The technical difficulty of how to manage in a deterministic way entrenched behavior among people is complex. We would expect a good identity management solution to take on new capabilities. The technologies aren't difficult to install, the setup and configuration varies for each client. The efficient and secure management of identity information is a critical prerequisite for effective access control and provision management in enterprise IT systems. Identity management projects tend to belong, and indeed may neverend,as deliverables are continually added over the life of the system.

First Soft Solutions worked hand-in-hand with its client to analyze the client's identity management challenges and recommend strategies. Our specialists resources in Sun Java™ and Oracle ™ Identity Management Suite can enable organizations to manage, protect, store, verify and share identity information throughout the enterprise and across extranets.

Categories of IM Practices

  • Identity strategy and organizational positioning
  • Future-state "identity services" architecture definition
  • Best-in-class identity services technologies and functionality
  • Business benefit definition and quantification
  • Identity services initiative road mapping
  • Planning for implementation competence
  • Identity services governance

By implementing a scalable security solution for centrally establishing and managing identities—and helping to confirm secure access to appropriate enterprise information and resources—the client has the potential to lower its total cost of ownership through reduced IT support costs.

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  • 2011 - Press Releases. "sample sample sample sample sample sample sample sample"
  • 2011 - Press Releases. "sample sample sample sample sample sample sample sample"

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