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First Soft Solution delivers a complete, yet affordable solution to build an intelligent identity management framework to service your enterprise—both inside the firewall and into the cloud. It enables you to secure your environment and meet compliance demands.

Our specialists resources in Sun Java™ and Oracle ™ Identity Management Suite can enable organizations to manage, protect, store, verify and share identity information throughout the enterprise and across extranets.

The Identity Management modules are allowed for the management of Identity-related Objects using the Access Manager console or command line tools. These objects, that are created and managed via Access Manager, are actually stored as LDAP entries in Directory Server. To bridge the gap between the two products, Access Manager provides interfaces that are used to create and delete identity-related objects as well as get, add, modify, or remove their attributes.

Additionally, by engaging with the client to implement the Sun/Oracle Identity Management Suite, we have helped the client to increase operational efficiency and productivity related to account management, maintenance, reporting and security and deliver a more robust audit trail in compliance with auditing requirements; offer visibility and tracking capabilities for executives and managers who need to help confirm that each authorized staff member has rights to the appropriate information only; increase the efficiency of account setup across SAP applications; and help reduce users' frustration by eliminating the need for them to remember multiple passwords.

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  • 2011 - Press Releases. "sample sample sample sample sample sample sample sample"
  • 2011 - Press Releases. "sample sample sample sample sample sample sample sample"

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